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ey all. I'm a long time member of this forum but have been absent for a while. The reason: I have a 13 month old princess and a 9 week old prince!! Anyways, last year a week before my bday I was fired from my job for being pregnant again (yes, lawsuit is on the way). I don't have to tell you how depressed and angry I was pregnant and with a 6 month old ba louis vuitton replica

,I recently got a speedy ebene 30 for xmass and I want to buy a bag charm. I am having trouble deciding which one (I would buy them all if my budget allowed) so I thought seeing what others are using would be a fun way to help me decided. So ladies and gents what is your favorite bag charm?? lv bag,

Which sizes of the Keepall bags fits easily into the airplane's overhead compartment? I'm trying to choose between the 45 and 50 here. louis vuitton replica


Hello all,just a quick question for anyone who owns a perforated speedy. Do you find that the perforated speedy is more hard/structured than a regular speedy? i find that mine isnt as "mushy" as my others even after using it for awhile. Is it because its lined differently in on the inside???? Just wondering if anyone else felt the same way louis vuitton luggage

,Is NEVER too young to start! My niece who is 13years old now. She got something monogram. The pochette, if I'm not mistake! She got a pretty bag charm as well! Is NEVER NEVER too young to start a Louie. I got my 1st Louie wallet when I was 18. lol. As long as you have the money, just go for what your heart wanted. Good luck , sweetie! :) louis vuitton outlet,

Hard choice! I would probably pick the azur galliera but the epi speedy in ivoire is so pretty too. louis vuitton


Me too! louis vuitton


I like both - but I think on you - the RF seems to pop more than the givre... louis vuitton shop